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If you are curious who I am and what do I do – well, here it is! It won't be long, I don't want to bother you much. But this is just some basic stuff so that you can get some background behind my posts!

My full name is Filip Kunjadić-Ćulibrk. I was born in 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia where I currently live and work. I also have a 3-years-younger sister Kristina. And she was born exactly 3 years after me, on the same date! Could you imagine our birthday celebrations when we were younger? She is a system security engineer, so you might say that this runs in our family.

Gong to my earliest days, I knew that I would be some kind of developer. You don't believe me? Well, here's proof!

Young Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

Yes, that is 3 or 4-years-old me sitting in front of a PC pretending he's typing something. I remember that I played "Lion King" and "Aladin" a lot back in those days. And there was also some kind of a "Lamborghini" racing game and the well-known "Prince of Persia."

I'm going offtopic… Anyhow, I grew up with a computer. In my third grade, I knew how to install Windows 98. Later on, I learned how to install Windows Millennium (or Windows ME) by inserting the bootable WIN98 and then switching it to ME. Of course changing graphics cards was the most fun part of it all. And I remember my father's words clearly: "Whatever you do – do not enter BIOS and do not use a hammer." And I broke both of those rules! Well… Not the one with the hammer, of course.

Later on, I went to school as every other child did. During those times, I started playing guitar and also started rowing, a sport that I did for about 7 or 8 years. I was even a member of a national team for, like, 5 years. Even won numerous medals. Don't believe me? Here's another proof!

Beijing 2007 Junior World Rowing Championship - Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

That is me in Beijing during the Junior World Rowing Championship in 2007.

But I always found time to go back home and play around with some code. When I started university, I decided that I want to learn two things – coding and design. So I enrolled in two majors and successfully graduated both in 2012. Now you could say that I'm a Full-Stack Developer and a web designer. But I do prefer coding over design. During my time at the university, I studied CISCO CCNA as well. And that helped me a lot in understanding computer networks and how they work.

During my studies, I started doing freelance stuff as a developer. Those weren't the regular full-time commitments, but more like part-time projects, along with a couple of full-time internships.

In 2013, I went for my Master's Degree. After I was done with that, it was time to get on track and kick off the real deal! I looked for a job as a backend and frontend developer. I landed a few PHP and Frontend gigs. I worked for a couple of companies here in Belgrade. And I learned a lot there, both as a developer and a businessman. But after a while, I decided that I wanted to start my own agency. That is when I started PIXEL2GO at the beginning of 2014. And I still run in!

In the beginning, I did all the work by myself. Because I was the company! And that lasted for about 3 years. However, I needed to expand!

PIXEL2GO Office - Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

Here is our small office being prepared for our work!

I started leading small teams and planning entire projects for my clients. And it was a lot of fun! Thanks to this experience, I had become a Full-Stack Developer. That way, I could jump into any setting and develop anything that I would expect of my coworkers to know. Of course, I would be glad if someone learned something that I didn't know – that was a great opportunity for me to learn it as well! Which I usually did!

We've worked on various systems. One that was particularly fun was a system for E-VISA. There was another one, a large retail store in Finland that used Magento for their online store. There were a lot of smaller projects along the way, including a booking system for a cosmetic course within one of the largest names in the beauty industry.

Due to my desire to develop my own products, PIXEL2GO is once again a one-man show. I am currently working on a couple of projects for my clients and a couple of in-house projects like discounthunte.rs, pricetracke.rs, and many others.

Most of the time, I work as a Full-Stack Developer. After all, this is what it takes to kick start your own project! Besides my own projects, I would be glad to jump right into any other challenge! That's what keeps me going!

My favorite is when someone says "This is impossible!" Because that's the best opportunity to prove them wrong! Of course, I would lose some sleep over it, but the problem would be solved and the job would be done! And, above all – the client would be happy!

Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk ELEVATOR VERSION

Before we part, here is me in an elevator!

Now you know a bit more about me! I hope you had fun reading this!

Live long in prosper and #keepCoding